miércoles, septiembre 28, 2005

Now if you can stand I would like to take you by the hand
And go for a walk past people as they go to work
Oh, let's get out of this place before they tell us that we've just died

If you can make an order could you get me one
Two sugars would be great 'cos I'm fading fast and it's nearly dawn
If they knocked down this place, this place, it'd still look much better than you

Move, move quick, you've gotta move
Come on it's through, come on it's time
Oh, look at you, you, you're looking so confused, what did you lose?
Oh, it's ok it's just your mind

If we get through this alive I'll meet you next week, same place, same time

That's what you get from clubbing it
You can't go home and go to bed because it hasn't worn off yet
And now it's morning there's only one place we can go
It's around the corner in Soho where other broken people go

Let's go

2 comentarios:

Sofía dijo...

Si yo me casara sí pondría 'bar italia' en la boda. No pondría 'f.e.e.l.i.n.g. c.a.l.l.e.d. l.o.v.e.', porque, como una vez dijimos, es canción para espantar.

Gran Fornicador dijo...

Si´sta bien chida esa rola.