sábado, febrero 12, 2005

Our neverending story

Parece que estamos de nuevo en el mismo tren (al oriente).

¡Yo me quiero bajar!

And now who is the lonely one?

Yo, yo, escógeme a mí.

...once and again.


And now, who is the lonely one?/ I think it's me, the lost, / The wandering one / I have no voice; I cannot speak / And if I could, would I be heard? / Would I be heard?

It's just a game / Doesn't matter if you win or lose / It's just a game / No matter what side you choose / It's not even in the way you play, 'cause / It's just another day that / I'll spend without you

Y en otros asuntos sobre la misma cosa terrible...

Let me try to make you understand / That I was never your enemy / I was always yours, I gave it my all / I never wanted to be right / But who am I to obscure the truth? / Who am I to take the blame?

Lo bueno es que...

One day, this will all be over.

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